Jónatan Prospero, also known as Jón Prosper, is an New York City born Photographer and Director. In his adolescent years, Jón’s obsession with cinema and art was heavily influenced by his family -all carrying an artistic form of self expression. Waking up to his parents morning bolero singing rituals and reading biblical stories were milestones to his obsession with story-telling. At 10 years old, Jón’s sister Judith -poet and winner of the Def Jam Poetry Slam, pushed Jón to recite poems at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. From then on, Jón learned to use art as a way to cope with middle/high school bullying. Coupled with his Bachelors degree in International Studies, Jón’s anthropological approach is one element to his work; drawing many influences from his love for poetry, untouched beauty, paintings, and national geographic portraiture.


I am a Freelance Artist with a passion for politics, community outreach, culture, and art. My work in the communications field, ranges from photography to still and motion work as well as post production. This art medium has taught me how to apply my creative skill and focus on every detail whether verbal or non-verbal; providing a 3 dimensional tactic to business negotiations, research and applied art.