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Common Questions and Answers

How many JonProsper NFTs are there?

There are 3131 JonProsper NFTs in total, with 7% (about 220 NFTs) being reserved for giveaways taking place over the next 50 years.


Did Jon draw all of the JonProsper NFT characters himself?

Yes, Jon drew all 131 characters himself and is the author of the self-help book “Everything to Learn Before Investing in Stocks; Part 1: Self Development," where the characteristics are taken from.


How long does my JonProsper token last?

The JonProsper token as an art piece lasts forever. The underlying benefit of receiving a free signed copy of every new edition of the book “Everything to Learn …”, which is found in all token contracts, is active until the release of  “Everything to Learn Before Investing in Stocks; Part 3 (Expiration date TBD but no earlier than 2024 [Part 1: ‘Financial Intelligence’ book release summer 2022]). There also are many JonProsper Tokens that carry a special utility in which the expiration date varies according to the contract embedded with the NFT (Expiration date TBD but no earlier than 2050).


Are all tokens the same?

All JonProsper tokens were not created with equal utility. There are three types of tokens: ‘Everything to Learn’ tokens, ‘Access’ tokens, and ‘Gift’ tokens. All JonProsper NFTs are ‘Everything to Learn’ tokens since all token holders will receive a free signed book copy of each new release of the book “Everything to Learn …” in perpetuity. The ‘Access’ tokens allow the owner of the NFT to have in-person or virtual access with the team and Jon. ’Gift’ token owners will receive gifts from the JonProsper team that correspond with the specific NFT they hold.


Will the NFTs be sold on open marketplaces?

Initial sales of the JonProsper tokens will appear on and will also appear on secondary marketplaces for reselling. 


Can I resell my JonProsper NFTs?

Yes, JonProsper tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea etc. All JonProsper token resales will give a 10% royalty fee to JonProsper. Jon has pledged to donate 1% of all JonProsper royalties to charities of his choosing.


What is the price of the tokens?

The prices of each token will increase based on the rarity: the ‘Blanc’ basic NFT is being sold for $10 each, the ‘Red’ is being sold for $25, the ‘Purple’ is being sold for $50 each, the ‘Green’ is being sold for $100 each, the ‘Blue’ is being sold for $200 each, the ‘Black’ is being sold for $500 each, the ‘Silver’ is being sold for $1,000 each, the ‘Gold’ is being sold for $2,000 each, the ‘Diamond’ is being sold for $4000 each, and the ‘JOAT Toat’ is being sold for $5000 each.


How much ETH do I need to have in my wallet?

The cheapest NFT is sold for .0002 Etherium, with the highest being sold for a little over 1 ETH. Users also need to take into account that the price of the ETH crypto-currency fluctuates, and ‘gas’ fees are added to the base price. Each user should determine how many JonProsper NFTs they want and base their ETH amount on that.

What type of wallet do I need to buy one of the JonProsper NFTs?

You will need to have Etherium in a non-custodial wallet. An example of a non-custodial wallet is MetaMask, Portis, or WalletConnect compatible wallets.


Are gas fees included in the price of the JonProsper NFT?

No, gas fees are added at the time of purchase and fluctuate based on the volume of transactions happening at that current time on the Etherium network; JonProsper has no control over these costs and does not receive any portion of these transaction fees.


Can I buy a JonProsper NFT with USD or a debit/credit card?

No, you need to have Etherium in a digital wallet to purchase one of the JonProsper NFTs off of Many exchanges do allow you to use USD and a debit/credit card to buy Etherium and instantly transfer it into ETH on your behalf.


Can I buy an NFT with Coinbase, Robinhood or Paypal?

No, you need a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask, Portis, or WalletConnect compatible wallets to purchase a JonProsper NFT. 

What are you doing about the environmental impact of your NFT collection?

To offset the environmental impact, JonProsper will be making contributions towards organizations working to develop renewable energy (such as solar, wind etc.) and donating to nonprofit organizations that are working to clean up the world of pollutions that are harming nature.


What blockchain are these minted on?

NFTs are minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-721 standard is the most supported format for digital collectibles and is best known in the industry.


Are the NFTs available globally?

Yes, they are available in all global markets where users have access to crypto wallets and an internet connection.


What if I cannot redeem my benefit due to COVID or any other personal reason?

If you cannot redeem your token due to any COVID-related or personal issues, JonProsper will work closely with the token holder to create a fair exchange and support them in any way possible.

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