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Our story behind JonProsper!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Hello everyone, and welcome to!

We are super glad to have you here and hope you stay for the long term.

Our long-term goal for this project is to empower our audience and teach them as much as possible about wealth education and financial literacy.

Our first step in this 50+ year process was writing and releasing the book "Everything to Learn Before Investing in Stocks: Part 0: Self Development; An Introduction to Financial Literacy and Personal Success" in Spring 2021. This book talks about the top 120 characteristics people who are happy and wealthy follow; also principles necessary to learn before playing with money, business, and investing. Such examples include patience, time management, teamwork, failure, momentum, communication, greed, happiness etc.; all of them relating to mental strength and a disciplined way of living life. Reviews upon release were through-the-roof. In just 1 hour, reading the book changed people's lives forever.

Jon Lacey has designed this NFT project to work as an attachment to his book and the other branches of his education brand. Every 131 JonProsper NFT character relates directly to the principles talked about throughout the Everything to Learn book. We hope to educate as many people as we can about these important principles and tips for getting wealth.

It has become notable people prefer to watch a show on their phone instead of reading a book.. and since they aren't reading the book, they are missing out on this super valuable data inside. We designed our JonProsper NFTs to be a cartoon mascot to the principles found in the book. We have now turned words into illustrations; and eventually comic books, tv shows, movies, merchandise, children's picture books, brand deals, and much more. The entire concept of this project is to give as much to the community as possible and get them involved directly with the brand. We want our audience to represent the JonProsper brand and spread the message of these 120 soft skills (and other info from future projects) throughout the world.

The holders of these NFTs will also get special extra utilities when owning certain JonProsper NFT cards. Of the 3131 total JonProsper NFT supply, many token holders will receive random gifts, exclusive clothing items, flashlights, watches, trips to historical places, lunches with Jon Lacey, and a lot more cool experiences out of this world.. literally ;) not to mention the investment of owning an awesome picture by the one-and-only Jon Lacey. While some NFTs give super unique experiences, all 3131 NFTs grant the owner free signed copies of all Everything To Learn books in perpetuity. All token holders will also get first access to new releases throughout the JonProsper product line.

The JonProsper NFTs will essentially be the 'central hub' for the entire JonProsper brand. We have high hopes for the long-term reach of this brand, and we hope you do too.

Before you invest your hard-earned money into this NFT project (aka an asset), we recommend you first read the book "Everything to Learn Before Investing in Stocks: Part 0: Self Development; An Introduction to Financial Literacy and Personal Success;" it's here on Amazon for $13.

After the release of this project on 1/13/21, Jon Lacey will get to work right away to finish writing Everything to Learn.. Part 1: Financial Intelligence, the next book in the series to teach the masses on balance statements, cash flow, risk management, taxes, job classes, the steps to being rich and much more. Everything to Learn.. Part 2:' Investing' release is TBD.``

See you January 13 :)

If you haven't done so already, make sure to join Discord for exclusive info and follow us on social media!

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